YES!! Feeders are UP now and Banding is ON!!

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YES!! Feeders are UP now and Banding is ON!!

Be sure to read this all the way through. The feeders HAVE BEEN INSTALLED in the old locations south of the Crest House, easily visible from the lower parking lot. Banding WILL BE CONDUCTED on Sunday, December 2nd.

This will be a temporary arrangement, as the lower parking lot will not be plowed when the snows come. The banding team hopes to move the feeders to one or more sites adjacent to the UPPER parking lot, contingent upon Forest Service approval. At this time it appears that the upper lot will continue to be plowed as it is needed by workers at the electronic site just north of the Crest House.

Right now the road is clear all the way to the Crest.

Of course, we will keep you all informed of future developments. Please share your experiences here, as many others are planning to come up to the Crest in the coming weeks.

This will be the last installment of the traditional "Sightings Log,"      at least for the forseeable future. Do check the archives from previous years to get an idea of the abundance and mix of the finches from month to month.

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From Dave Weaver
November 30, 2012

Hi Ken,

I went up to the Crest this morning, where it was 34 degrees (F) and clear with a light breeze at 10:00am.  There was barely a trace of snow in a few shady patches.  I have attached a log update, as of noon today.  Because the Crest House is closing today for the season, I brought the log book and the various signs and such down to the house.  As instructed by Raymond yesterday, I have left the two hopper type feeders and three full bags of seed (20 lbs each) at the Crest for him to remove this afternoon when he and Steve Cox (and others)  visit to scout locations for the feeder, etc.

It appears we (Fran and I) may continue to restock the feeder on Wednesdays, but nothing in the plan is certain until the USFS approves the feeder location and Gene Romero approves the storage ideas that Raymond and the banding have proposed.  

In any event, I do not expect there will be a lot more log updates until after March 1st except for whatever we see when we are up at the Crest.  If I do receive other reports I will add them to the log and send along an update, of course.

Let's hope things come together soon.

Best to you and yours,


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Soon afterward, we received this good news from the banding team:

From: Nancy Cox
November 30, 2012

Hi all,
Steve and Raymond are leaving for the Crest today to get the feeders from Fran.  We now have permission to place the feeders in the former locations south of the Crest House.  We will use this location temporarily until such time as we get permission to use the upper parking lot location (if we get such permission).