Will feeders still be up on Easter (April 4)

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Will feeders still be up on Easter (April 4)

This was forwarded by the Co-Coordinators of the Rosy-Finch Feeding Project--

Sent: Thu 3/11/2010 12:04 PM
To: Fran Lusso
Subject: Crest House bird feeders

I got your email address from Rosyfinch.dot com.  I didn't know who else to contact.  If not you, could you please forward to the appropriate person.  

My wife and I are coming to the Sandia Crest area for the first time on Easter weekend.  We will be arriving late on March 31st.  I was told by one of the local B&B owners that the Crest House takes down their feeders on April 1st.  Is there any way that they can remain until after Easter weekend or at least until the 2nd.  We can bring a donation of bird seed.  Please let me know if this is possible.  Thank you.

P & L
Cleveland, OK

Fran and Dave's response:

Hello P & L

Thanks for your inquiry - you reached the people who actually put the feeders up and take them down!

There is no fixed date for the feeders to come down but we do expect to have them up through Easter weekend.  

Here is the process for determining when the feeders are taken down:  We keep tabs on how many rosy finch are being seen.  When the sightings dwindle to none or just one or two for several days then we take down the feeder.  The date varies by year because the timing of the rosy finch migration is not exact.  

For example: In 2007 the last sighting of a flock was 3/25.  There were sporadic sightings for several days and we took down the feeder 4/18/07.
In 2008, the last flock was 4/4/08 with sporadic individuals seen for a few days and we took down the feeder 4/9/08.
In 2009, the last flock was 3/31/09 with sporadic individuals sighted until we took down the feeder on 4/8/09.
[See detailed sightings reports here]

This year we have had a long, cold winter with frequent snowfalls (El Nino!) so we suspect the rosies may be here a little longer but we can't be sure.  We have no plans to take down the feeder until after Easter weekend - maybe even later. HOWEVER, be aware that you may not see rosies as their numbers will certainly have begun to decline by then.  Hopefully you will be lucky!

Also, it is possible, given the frequent snows, that we may still have snowstorms coming through when you are here.  If so, be sure to plan for the possibility that the road to the Crest may not be passable or the Crest House may not be open.  The actual feeder can only be seen from within the Crest house - it is mounted on the railing of their deck.  You should plan to call the Crest House directly to confirm they are open - their number is 505-243-0605. They open at 9:30am.  You might wish to check with them to see if they plan to be open on Easter Sunday!

Thank you for your offer to bring a seed donation. If you do, please make sure it is hull-less seed as that is the only type that can be used there.  Hull-less sunflower or "Patio Mix" work well.

Thanks again and feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

Happy birding and safe travels!

Fran and Dave

Fran Lusso and Dave Weaver