Update on Feeder Location, Banding Schedule (Friday, NOV 30)

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Update on Feeder Location, Banding Schedule (Friday, NOV 30)

I will start a new thread for each day when there is new information or query about the status of plans to erect feeders and resume the banding operations at Sandia Crest while the Crest House remains closed.

Even if the feeders do not go up, there will be rosy-finches in the area. Look near the Crest House, around the observation area and radio towers, and also to the south around Kiwanis Meadow. They sometimes are seen at the 10K and Ellis trail heads.

Look for them roosting in groups or flying rapidly in wheeling flocks. If there is snow cover they may forage on wind-swept rock outcroppings or even the road and parking lot.

I received this email this morning:


I am in New Mexico for a week and was wondering if the feeders have been relocated for the Rosy finches. Any info concerning the latest news on the finches would be appreciated.

Sarasota Florida

I have checked with the Rio Grande Bird Research banding team and learned that they are still awaiting approval from the Forest Service to place the feeders in a more accessible location on Crest House property. Until permission is received, the feeding program remains "on hold." This means that the banding operations tentatively scheduled for Sunday morning (December 2) are on hold unless the team hears from the Service. Here is their reply:

At this point we aren't sure. The feeders definitely have to be taken down tomorrow, so if we haven't heard back from the forest service by Sunday then we won't be banding. At this point I think it's likely that they won't get back to us by then and that we won't be banding.
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RE: Latest report on Crest House plans and Rosy-Finch Sightings log


We have had no snow so the roads will be clear all the way to the top.


From: JMLimberty [via Sandia Crest Birding FORUM] [mailto:[hidden email]]
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2012 9:00 PM
To: Ervin, Daniel E
Subject: RE: Latest report on Crest House plans and Rosy-Finch Sightings log


Thank you for the info, Lee (and JoJo, for asking the questions), because I was not aware that I would need to drive up the crest to see the birds. I assumed that the tram took me to the top of the crest and the Crest House and banding area(s) would be within a short walking distance from there.

I drive a tiny 2-wd Hyundai Accent - is the road up to the top of the crest usually kept plowed/maintained well enough for all vehicles to get up to where the finches are located? How about the feeders? If I decide to go up to the feeders on my own, are they easy to find? I assumed that they would be kept near the Crest House (and perhaps they still are), which is why I wanted to take the tram to the top. Are the feeders and the banding areas in different locations?

I do feel badly for bombarding this thread with questions, but I just want to make sure that I have the best chance possible to see the finches and have all the info before me ahead of time if I am going to drive all the way down there just to see the birds. Thanks, again, to any and all who provide feedback - it is really appreciated!

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