Tuesday, April 6 -- Flocks of all 3 species still at Crest

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Tuesday, April 6 -- Flocks of all 3 species still at Crest

Dave Weaver, Co-coordinator of the rosy-finch feeding project at Sandia Crest, reports that flocks of all three species are still coming to the feeder at Sandia Crest.

Gil Bachmann, manager of the Kandahar Condominiums in Taos Ski Valley is reporting that he has flocks of over 200 birds. Although over 90% of the Sandia Crest rosy-finches are banded, Gil did not see bands on any of those at the TSV.

Flocks have persisted at Sandia Crest later than this in 3 of the past 10 years, twice as late as April 13th. We hope someone can provide an exact date when the flocks depart this year.

If you visit Sandia Crest, please enter you observations in the sightings log at Crest House. Records to date are available at the link below:

Hi Ken,

I went up to the Crest today, where it was snowing lightly, 18 degrees (F) and quite windy.  The Rosy Finches are still there.  Tony at the Crest House reports flocks of 20 - 30 coming and going throughout each day.  I have attached a log update [available at this link] that shows people have been seeing finches consistently.  I will leave the feeder and sightings log up at least another week, although a spring comes on faster and faster I suppose the finches might leave any day.

Hope all is well!