Trip report-- Feb 17 & 18

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Trip report-- Feb 17 & 18

On 2/22/2011 4:29 PM, Michael Todd wrote:


  We got up to the Crest late on February 17th and didn't see any Rosies.

 We were there when they opened on Thursday the 18th. Even before they opened, we had all 3 species, including Hepburn's feeding on the ground below the deck area of the Crest House. When they opened, the guy there put feed out and the birds were coming to the feeder WHILE he was filling it, it was brutal up there that day.

 My estimates were 100+ Black, 30 Brown-capped, and 20 Gray-crowned with several Hepburn's. We stayed until about 12 enjoying the show and getting photos.

 Another bird of note was a Pygmy Owl calling below the Ski lift area, and an adult Northern Goshawk that flew across the road at eye level on our way up, about a mile below the crest.

 Thanks again for the info, it was a fantastic show I will never forget, and hope to return again.

 Mike Todd
 McKenzie, TN
 Michael Todd

Thanks for the report, Mike. I was really worried that you would have terrible conditions up there. So glad you got to see all three species. Guess you were unable to see the owl. I have seen it perching out on the wires in the parking lot opposite the ski lift base. Hope you will post some of your photos here for all of us to see.