Tram to Sandia Crest?

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Tram to Sandia Crest?


I'm hoping to visit Sandia Crest on Friday with a friend from Abiquiu. Hopefully taking the tram to the top to have some lunch and then see what is around.

I'd like to take some pictures and thought I had seen some advice on your site on how best to take pics and not inconvenience others? I did visit a couple of years back but I wasn't sure how things have changed. I'd appreciate any advice you could provide. If it's not appropriate I'm happy to leave my camera in the car.


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Hi, Keith,

First, the tram goes up to Sandia PEAK, not Sandia CREST. The rosyfinch feeders are at Sandia CREST, and this is more than a mile north of the Peak, over a trail that can be quite difficult during winter and is not recommended for casual hikers, especially if not acclimated to the high altitude.

If you wish to visit Sandia Crest, you need to drive out I-40 east of Albuquerque and go up the other side of the mountain -- here is a link to the directions:

There is a fast food restaurant (no grill) at Sandia Crest, while there is a nice full-service restaurant atop the ski area on Sandia Peak. The tram ride is exciting, so I hope you will have time to do both.

There is now only one feeder, and it is on the deck, with a western exposure. The sun can be brutal for photos later in the day. Before opening the door to the deck, be sure it is permitted-- on very cold and snowy days there may be a sign asking you not to open the doors. Never open the windows. The windows are kept quite clean and I have had decent shots through them, though this is not as satisfactory.

Be sure to check the weather and not attempt the drive up the mountain in heavy snow or immediately after a snowfall. They open at 9:30 AM, so call Crest House during business hours if you are wondering whether the road is open. They will not open if sufficient staff cannot report for duty.

Good luck, and visit the Sandia Crest Birding Forum for latest information:

Let me know how your visit goes, and please enter sightings in the log at Crest House.