The feeder has been taken down

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The feeder has been taken down

This officially ends the 2011-2012 Rosy-Finch season at Sandia Crest. As usual, there were stragglers into late March. Our thanks go out to Dave Weaver and Fran Lusso for all the work they put in to assure birders a successful quest for these species. Ken

Dave writes (April 5):

Hi Ken,

I went up to the Crest this morning.  It was 35 degrees (F) and slightly breezy at 10:30AM.  The two feet of snow that fell Monday night and Tuesday morning has almost completely melted and even at the highest elevations the snow is patchy.  The Crest House staff say that the rosy finches have been gone "for at least a week" but nobody would guess as to a specific date for their departure.  I took the feeder down, thus "officially" closing the project for the season.  We expect to put the feeder up again about November 1st.

Hope all is well!  Enjoy the summer!

Dave (and Fran)