Sunday, JAN 27 Banding and sighting report

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Sunday, JAN 27 Banding and sighting report

[AZNMbirds] NM: Sandia Crest - January 27th

From:  Michael Hilchey
Date: 1/27/2013 8:46 PM
To: "AZ/NM Listserv" <>

Hi all,

A windy, cold day at the Sandia Crest proved to be a productive one.

The banding team (along with the CNMAS bird walk and several other folks) enjoyed a flock of over 70 Rosy-Finches including all three species. It seems that there are more Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches this week including at least two "Hepburn's" Rosy-Finches!

The banding crew caught a total of 15 birds (2 repeats and 13 new birds)!

The CNMAS group took a stroll down to the meadow and re-found the flock of at least 7 PINE GROSBEAK as well as one AMERICAN THREE-TOED WOODPECKER!