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Sightings Log update March 7th --

Hi Ken,
Here is Dave Weaver's latest report, quite surprising in view of the large number of individuals trapped only three days previously. Ken

I got back down from the Crest a little while ago.  It was 26 degrees (F) and clear with winds in the steady 30-40 mph range and gusts in the 50 mph range.  The road and parking lots were clear.

I have attached a log update.  In spite of the success of the banding operation this past weekend, the Crest House staff say that there are "very few" rosy finches around.  They say they saw a maximum of 10 - 15 birds at a time yesterday, and as the log shows I only saw 5 birds in the period I observed at the Crest today.  There may be more snow tonight and tomorrow (although the forecast is uncertain), so perhaps that will concentrate birds at the feeder.

Hope all is well!