Sightings Log update January 18 and a suggestion from Dave

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Sightings Log update January 18 and a suggestion from Dave

I received this from Dave Weaver, co-coordinator of the rosy-finch feeding project at Sandia Crest House. Management and staff of Sandia Crest Gift Shop and Restaurant have been gracious hosts of birders since Mary Lou and I started the project in 1999. Dave does have a good suggestion, and I hope all birders take up on it. After all, we often occupy the dining tables for hours, and we should extend some courtesy to these fine people. Thank you, Dave! Ken

Hi Ken,

I went up to the Crest this morning.  It was 20 degrees (F) at 10:00AM, with steady winds of about 20 mph and frequent gusts to about 45mph.  There apparently has been about 2 inches of new snow since the weekend, but the parking lots and the road are mostly clear.  The road is plowed but rather narrow in some of the curves so drivers should be observant.

I have attached a log update. It does seem that more Browns are being seen.  Perhaps a group has come in recently and joined the flocks?

There is an issue for birders to consider as they use the Crest House as their base.  The Crest House staff say that "quite a few" birders are coming up and observing the birds while not purchasing anything to eat or drink, much less anything in the shop.  Perhaps we can remind people that the opportunity to watch the birds from the comfort of the Crest House depends in part on some benefit to the Crest House, so it would be a very good thing if everyone who comes to see the birds made at least some sort of purchase while they are at the Crest House.

That is all I have for today.  I plan to go up to the Crest again next week and will send a log update after I do make the trip.

Thanks, and Best Wishes,