Sightings Log update January 12

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Sightings Log update January 12

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Note from Dave Weaver, co-coordinator of the Sandia Crest feeding project. Numbers are not as high as in most years, but all three species are present. Still no reports of Hepburn's race of the Gray-Crowned Rosy-Finch. Thanks, Dave! LATER REVISION OF LOG INCLUDES OBSERVATIONS OF BANDING TEAM, OF 60-75 IN FLOCKS THIS PAST SUNDAY.

Hi Ken,

I went up to the Crest this morning.  It was 15 degrees (F) and clear with a light breeze.  The road was clear except for a few icy patches in the shade and outside the tire travel tracks.  The parking lots were clear.  I have attached a Log Update.  I plan to go up to the Crest again next week.

Hope all is well!