Sightings Log update February 8th-- smaller flocks this year

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Sightings Log update February 8th-- smaller flocks this year

Thanks to Dave Weaver, co-coordinator of the rosy-finch feeding project. Ken

Hi Ken,

I went up to the Crest this morning.  The road was mostly clear although the shaded corners, especially above Mile 10, were a bit slippery and probably will be more slippery each afternoon as the snow is covered with thin melt water.  They had about 3 inches of new snow on Monday evening - not enough to plow effectively, but enough to suggest a little caution.  The temperature at the Crest was 28 degrees at 10:00AM and there was a very light breeze, so it felt quite warm for the season.

There were no log entries since my last visit, so there is no Log Update.  The Crest House staff say that about 30 rosy finches are coming to the feeder at fairly regular intervals.  It will be interesting to see if this year's smaller than usual population leaves early this year.

I plan to go up to the Crest next week and will send another report after that visit.

Hope all is well!