Sightings Log update December 28; no banding until January 8th

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Sightings Log update December 28; no banding until January 8th

Thanks to Dave Weaver for this update. Flock size is still somewhat smaller than in previous years at this point, but all three species are present. Still looking for that first Coastal (Hepburn's) Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch to show up! Banding is scheduled to resume at 10:00 AM on January 8th

Hi Ken,

I went up to the Crest today, where it was about 20 degrees (F), sunny, and windy (20+ mph) at 10:00am.  The road was clear up to about Mile 10 and then mostly clear with a few icy spots to the top.  The snow has drifted across the road in a few places above Mile 10.  The parking lots are mostly clear.  There were lots of people (individuals and groups) at the top for skiing, hiking, and snow shoeing.  The Sandia Peak Ski area lots were full with overflow parking all along the main road, so caution is advised when approaching and passing the Ski area.

I have attached a Log Update.  The finches still seem to be in groups of about 30 birds and seem to be coming to the feeder at about 20 minute intervals.  All three species are present, but there are only a few Brown Capped birds.  Perhaps larger groups will come in January and February, as often is the case.

Hope your Holidays are going great!