Sightings Log update-- 25-50 Rosies still present at feeder

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Sightings Log update-- 25-50 Rosies still present at feeder

This is the latest report from Dave Weaver-- Signs of Spring and Wild Turkey sightings

Hi Ken,

I went up to the Crest today, where it was clear with a temperature of 32 degrees (F) with winds of 15 - 20 mph.  The road and the parking lots were clear and snow remains in isolated places, mostly in areas that were enlarged by clearing activities.  The Crest House staff say that flocks of between 25 and 50 finches are still fairly common, and the attached log update supports that observation.  I plan to go to the Crest again next week.

I did see a very large tom turkey in brilliant plumage on the road at about milepost 7 on the Crest Highway, and the Crest House staff recently have seen flocks of females along the road in the mornings.  We also are beginning to see some raptors returning from the south, although I have not seen any as high as the Crest yet.

Hope everything is going well for you and your families!