Should I visit on weekday or weekend?

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Should I visit on weekday or weekend?


Four of us are traveling to see the rosy finch on Monday, Jan. 18 - attempting to see the birds on Tuesday, Jan. 19.  A friend suggested a weekend might be better as that is when banding is conducted.  Could you please advise?  Thank you.
Jerry L

Hi, Jerry--

It is true that weekly banding is scheduled for Sunday mornings again after a break for the Christmas Bird Counts, starting January 10th. Therefore, the team should start banding at 9:30 AM on Sunday January 17th at the Crest House. Visitors are welcome, provided the Crest House doors are open for customers. (The banding team may have permission to set up before opening time, but no other visitors are allowed).

The banding schedule is subject to change, or sessions may be canceled if there  is a heavy snowfall. Although the road is usually cleared within a few hours after the snow stops, the Crest House will not open if insufficient staff have reported for work.

Therefore you should monitor events on the Sandia Crest Birding FORUM. Register on the site to receive updated posts.

Otherwise, the Crest House opens at 9:30 AM  seven days a week, and the rosy-finch feeder on the deck is always accessible, perhaps with fewer observers than on weekends. You should allow an extra day or two in the event of inclement weather, and also to get accustomed to the altitude and do some local birding.

Check out for driving directions and general information. Just a reminder-- the Sandia PEAK Tram does not serve Sandia CREST-- there are no feeders at the PEAK, as that is the top of the ski lift, and snow conditions make the one mile hike from there to Crest House prohibitively dangerous. (You probably know this already, but we have had out-of town birders meet with disappointment when they find themselves at the wrong place).

Good luck, and please record you sightings on the "Sightings Log" at Crest House-- it is separate from the general "Guest Register."  Of course, be sure to put them on eBird.