Saturday, Feb 19 Banding: 86 captures

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Saturday, Feb 19 Banding: 86 captures

Here is the report from the banding team:

Hi all,

It was windy today.  The warm weather we have had over the past several days has melted quite a bit of snow.  Many of the south facing slopes are showing patches of ground.

We newly banded 7 Rosy-Finches today (6 Blacks and one Hepburn's Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch).

We recaptured 79 birds which included one Black from a previous season.  It was one that we had already encountered earlier this season.  Of  the recaptured birds 60 were Blacks, 6 were Brown-capped, and 13 were Gray-crowned (5 Hepburn's and 8 interior).

We will be back on the Sunday schedule for next week (February 27).

The road to the Crest House was clear. There is a forecast for possible mountain snow showers and more wind for the next day or two.

Nancy and Steve