Rosy-finch Feeders are down-- the flag is not flying

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Rosy-finch Feeders are down-- the flag is not flying

The last record of rosy-finches occurred on March 17, when 2 Black Rosy-finches were seen at the feeders. Alan Mickelson took the feeders down on March 27. Soon the hummingbirds will be visiting. The final sightings log for the entire 2013-2014 season may be viewed at this link.

We owe Alan and the staff at Sandia Crest House a vote of thanks for hosting and maintaining the feeders. Let's hope that the finches will return in greater numbers next winter after the most disappointing season since the feeding project started.

Once again, if anyone has photographic evidence of sighting a Gray-crowned Rosy-finch this season, please post it on the FORUM or e-mail it to me for posting. Please watermark your image if you wish, but your copyright and credit will be reported if you allow me to post your photo. So far I am not aware of a single documented sighting of this species this past winter.

My e-mail is at THIS LINK