Rosy-finch Banding JAN 7: 50 captures all 3 species

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Rosy-finch Banding JAN 7: 50 captures all 3 species


Follow the link at top of FORUM page for the full banding schedule. It is subject to change, so check here if there is a question.

Amber West of the banding team reports (1/7/18):

Hi all,

We had an exciting start to 2018 Rosy-finch banding today, despite starting our new 11:00-3:00 schedule.

We newly banded 43 Rosy-Finches, with 22 Blacks, 15 Brown-capped, and 6 interior Gray-crowned.  We recaptured 5 Rosy-Finches from this winter season (Dec 2017), 4 Blacks and 1 Brown-capped.  We also recaptured 2 Blacks and 1 Brown-capped from the 2016/2017 winter season.  Two flocks came in today, with one flock of around 60 birds and another around 20-30 birds.  There was at least one Hepburn's.

The day started out with the top of the mountains covered in clouds, but they mostly burned off as the day progressed.  The road had a dusting of snow on it, but it had dried in the sunny areas.  (This was actually the first precipitation in ABQ area in about 3 months.)  Otherwise, the parking lot and road were clear.

We also had group of photographers out today, but they were very cooperative about only staying on the deck while we were setting up, and then moving inside.

-Amber West