Rosy-Finches are good indicators of effects of climate change

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Rosy-Finches are good indicators of effects of climate change

Telluride (Colorado) Daily Planet

‘Distinguished Scientist’
Telluride resident selected as fellow for California Academy of Sciences


Posted: Tuesday, November 15, 2016 5:25 pm
By Jessica Kutz, Staff Reporter

Telluride resident, Erika Zavaleta, was one of 10 fellows appointed to the California Academy of Sciences — a scientific and educational institution based in San Francisco — on Tuesday...

...In the past, she has conducted research in far-flung places including Alaska and Africa. She now wants to focus more on the San Juan Valley and involve students and the greater community in fieldwork unique to this region.

In the Spring she will begin work on a project studying the Rosy-Finches — a species that lives in the San Juans, and will be looking at the relation between the birds and climate change.

“They (the Rosy-Finch) are good indicators of what is happening across the landscape,” she said. “They show how climate change is affecting these systems, these food webs and the landscapes in ways that you don’t necessarily see.”...

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