Rosy-Finch feeders to go up next week!

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Rosy-Finch feeders to go up next week!

Here is a message from Dave Weaver and Fran Lusso, who again will serve as co-coordinators of the rosy-finch feeding project. The flag may start waving soon!

Hi Ken,

Hope the summer has been good to you and yours!  We just wanted to let you know about the plan for the feeder.  We have spoken with Gene Romero and expect to put the feeder up next week, probably on Tuesday, October 23rd.  Lee Hopwood has generously agreed to provide the seed again this year, for which we are grateful.  Of course, there have been no signs of the finches yet.

It has been a warm fall with no snow yet, so the birds might stay north longer than usual...  But, who knows?

That's all for now.

Best wishes,

Dave and Fran