Rosy-Finch feeders have been taken down

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Rosy-Finch feeders have been taken down

With flocks dwindling to less than a dozen last week, it is once again time to close a very successful viewing season for all three rosy-finch species (and Hepburn's subspecies).

Alan Mickelson, Coordinator of the feeding project removed the last feeder yesterday (March 31).

Many thanks to all who have contributed to the project. In particular, to Andy Mayer, Owner of Crest House and his staff for hosting the feeders and visitors, to Lee Hopwood and all others who contributed seed, to Steve & Nancy Cox and Amber West of Rio Grande Bird Research who provided visitors and readers of this FORUM with valuable information about the banding and observations, to all who contributed their sightings in the log, and to Alan for his tireless attention to the feeders.  

Plan to visit the Crest House any time of the year for great views and food, hummingbirds at the feeders and wonderful hikes and birding in the surrounding area.

CLICK HERE TO visit the Sandia Crest House Facebook Page to see this collection of posts which mention the Rosy-Finches. Some stunning photos and videos!

This broad selection also includes FB posts by others who tagged or geotagged Crest House with Rosy-Finch images and sightings.