Rosy-Finch Sightings Log Update as of MAR 12 2014

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Rosy-Finch Sightings Log Update as of MAR 12 2014

Flocks of up to a dozen rosy-finches, consisting of Brown-capped and Black species continue to visit the feeders. There have been no reports of Hepburn's sightings the entire season. Pay close attention and try to obtain photos if you see any Gray-crowned species, as none have been banded to date.

Indeed, no one has provided any photos of Gray-crowned Rosy-finches this season. The banding team members has neither trapped or even seen any of this species. If you have any photos of the Gray-crowned species, please post them here or send to me via e-mail so that we can document their presence. Reach me at

Please be sure to enter sightings when you visit. The log book is readily accessible, either at the desk to the left as you enter the Gift Shop, or in the dining area.

Thanks to Alan Mickelson for venturing up to Crest House to refill the feeders and copy the entries in the sightings log, which may be accessed at this link:

Check out the live camera shot of the Paa-Ko Golf Course near the entrance of the road to the Crest, at only about 7000 feet elevation:

For a view of conditions a bit closer to Crest House, see this Sandia Peak Ski Area Live Web Cam: