Rosy Finch Flocks still there? (Yes)

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Rosy Finch Flocks still there? (Yes)

On March 22 I received this note--


Do you know of any sightings of the rosy-finches since 3/12/10 (last log I could find)?  We are going back for a 2nd try at Sandia Crest on Thursday or Friday of this week.  What are our chances of still seeing them?

Thanks again, Virtual Sandia Crest birder!

God Bless,

Sioux City, IA

I referred Paul's e-mail to Dave Weaver and Fran Lusso. Dave posted the latest sightings log and replied to Paul:

Hello Paul,

I just back from a trip up to Sandia Crest.  The road was in good condition.  There is a storm coming in now, so be sure to call the Crest House (they open at 9:30am) to confirm that they are open before you go up.  In the hour I was up there I saw several flocks of rosy-finches, each numbering about 50 birds and people who had been up there for some time reported as many as 100 birds at a time.  The flocks had all three species, though gray crowned birds are not common this year - typically less than 5% of each flock.  With this additional snow coming, I think it is likely that the finches will still be here when you visit.

Good luck,


Ken Schneider
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