Rosy-Finch Banding Suspended Temporarily

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Rosy-Finch Banding Suspended Temporarily

It appears that "red tape" may be putting a hold on the banding schedule, hopefully for not too many weeks, according to this note from Nancy Cox:

Hi Ken,

We have found out that there may be a delay in our banding permit
renewal which is on a calendar year.  We will have a new governor and
she has to appoint a new director for the Department of Game & Fish.  
That director has to sign our banding permit.  We have been told to
expect delays but we really don't know what that means.

We do know that we plan to band on a Saturday to accommodate a birding
trip in February led by Dave Krueper.  It will be Saturday Feb 19.  We
will be banding at the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park instead on
Feb 20.  We are hoping that our banding permit issue will be resolved by

Steve and I will be in Puerto Rico from Jan 4 - 13 but Raymond will
hopefully be able to keep you posted as to the banding schedule.  We
doubt that there will be any banding until 16th but we just don't know.

Hope you are doing well and getting to see all of your family for the