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Re: Trap Left in Place at the Crest

This exchange of e-mails this afternoon is self-explanatory. Ken

Re: Trap Left in Place at the Crest?

Hi Nancy,

Hope things are going well this season for you and Steve.   I am writing now to ask if there is a specific reason why one of the banding traps was left in place on the feeder stand at the Crest?  The Crest House staff say that it was left up after banding this weekend and that they do not know why it is there or whether they can take it down and put up the tray feeder in its place.  The usual tray feeder is stowed under the Forest Service desk, rather than having been put back in place after banding.  The trap is not as appealing or useful for birders and photographers, although of course the finches still are coming to feed on the deck and (sometimes) inside the trap, which is open.

Do you know why this has happened?  I told the Crest House staff today that I would try to find out and then call them to let them know what is going on and what, if anything, they could do about it.

It would be great if you could let me know about this, and as soon as you can.


Dave Weaver

Nancy's reply Re: Trap Left in Place at the Crest?

Hi Dave,

Sorry about not letting you know about this change.  We discussed it with Gene but forgot to notify the staff.

We left the hanging trap in place so that the rosy-finches would become more used to the trap.  They have been very hesitant this year.  We have now been up at the Crest twice without banding any new birds.  We are getting recaptures but even that has been difficult.  We are hoping that this will make a difference for us next time.

Please let the staff know and apologize for us.  I am glad that the rosy-finches still fly down on to the deck and land on the railing and trees so that the photographers can get those photos.