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Query re: Visit in March; add branches to feeder for photo?

Re-posting this query for everyone's information--

From: Paul
Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2011 2:09 PM
To: Fran Lusso
Subject: Rosy Finches


I was wondering if the Black Rosy Finches are still coming into the
feeders at Sandia?



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From: Fran Lusso
On Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 3:00 PM,

The rosies, all varieties, are usually here until around the 1st of April.  The banding group reported capturing some Back Rosy Finches this past weekend.  No guarantees, but there should still be some around!...

...Generally, the peak viewing for Black Rosy Finches is the same for all three Rosy Finches (Black, Brown-capped and  Gray-crowned)...December-January-early February.  Bear in mind that this is also the time with the highest likelihood of severe weather.  Plan for several days in case you hit a snow event.  Sometimes it takes a couple of days for the Crest road to be cleared - it is not the highest priority road.  Sometimes the Crest House must close because staff can't make it up the road or need to leave early for safety reasons.  And -  I mention this because you are a photographer - you might want to know that the viewing deck might be closed due to danger of snow and ice sliding off the roof, etc.  You can still see the feeding station and get great photos through the windows in the Crest House but may not be permitted to go out on the deck.
Check things out on the rosyfinch.com website and call the Crest House for current conditions.  

Have fun,

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From: Paul
Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2011 3:41 PM
To: Fran Lusso
Subject: Re: Rosy Finches

Hi Fran,

Thanks so much for this info! So..I was to come out within the next
two weeks, my chances would be good?  Do they ever leave before then?
Is there a number for the Crest House? (i could not find it on the

Do the birds land on trees as they approach..so that I might
photograph them on their way in?  Would they let me add a small light
branch to the feeder for photography?



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Hi Paul,
Over the next few weeks there should still be rosies - although the numbers may be starting to drop...hard to know when they will be gone completely but we usually see the last of the stragglers in early April.  The size of the flocks begins to drop in mid-March.  Their usually behavior to to come in as a flock, first circling around in a spiral above the trees and feeder station and then coming in to land in the trees and make forays into the feeding tray.  This will happen several times during the day.  Good photos can be had of this behavior.

Adding branches to or manipulating the feeder or the viewing deck in any way is not permitted.    And, as I mentioned before, you may not even be able to go out on the deck where the feeder is positioned.  Access to the deck is determined by the Crest House staff.

The capture and banding operation which is part of the Rosy Finch Research Project occurs on Sundays and that might be of interest to you.

We will be going up to the Crest on Saturday and can let you know what sightings have been reported and whether the birds are still around.  This will also get posted on the rosyfinch.com website.

The Crest House number is 505-243-0605.  Their hours are 9:30 to 5...although this is sometimes adjusted because of weather and season.