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Hello All,

It was early February 2008 when I first discovered Rosy-Finches at my feeders, in way south-central Colorado; La Veta, Huerfano County.  They were instrumental in my becoming interested in bird-watching.  That first year I may have had only 50 or so visit, the next year 1-200.  Last year we counted about 600 feeding together in my yard; who knows how many might visit this year.

I know Scott Rashid and others, up north and higher up, get thousands; Scott's video clips are stunning!  I also know that down south (but higher up) in Sandia Crest, NM there are also lots of these pink beauties.  Apparently, folks travel from far and wide to see these birds...many visited my yard, too; perhaps because I'm just about half-way between Estes Park and Sandia Crest...and only at 7000', but nestled against the Spanish Peaks.

At any rate, I'm enamored by these birds and the numbers which visit.  More than once, I've invited anyone interested in them to visit and or study them.  Talking to Aaron Hairman (who used my yard for his study of Evening Grosbeaks) and Jason Beason...there may be folks very interested in joining resources to conduct a study on the Rosy-Finches, too.

I'm game; while no scientist nor even a bander...I offer my yard to those who are.  If it can be done on weekends when I'm home from work...I'll not only help out in any way I can, but I'll feed the folks who are working with the birds.  But of course, they'd be welcome anytime.

Oh, and I'm not the only one in town who has the birds visiting; I know of at least two others who feed them, too.  I think the numbers here are high because of the openness of my yard.  Well, that and the fact that I feed them a 50# sack of seed per week.  Now that I have flowing water, I hope the numbers increase.

I've nearly finished the little pond; it's full and the water-fall is flowing.  The birds love it.  And I've moved the cloth's line, providing better 'photo-ops'.  Today there are about a dozen Am. Goldfinch, with a few Lessers, many siskins and some juncos, a Cassin's Finch, chickadees, woodpeckers, half a dozen Blue Jays, a dozen magpies and a couple dozen Evening Grosbeaks out there. About 30 Ravens just moved though; I thought they were mobbing something, but they were eatting small, wiezened, crab apples.  Who knew?  I keep an eye out for the Rosies...they usually come early December to early April...but, I think it's a bit early, yet.

So, again...if anybody is up for studying Rosy-Finches, I get Blacks, Brown-capped, Gray-crowned and Hepburn's here for about four months and in pretty high numnbers and good mixes.  I'd love to help and it wouldn't surprise me if others down here would like to be involved, too.

Please let me know if I can help,
Beverly Jensen
La Veta, Huerfano Co., CO

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From: Debbie Tyber
Sent: Thu, November 11, 2010 10:16:11 AM
Subject: [cobirders] Rosy Finch Study

My husband is an ambassador (guest services) for Breckenridge Ski Resort. He had his orientation yesterday and someone from the USFS was there talking about Rosy Finches. They are going to set up feeders on one of the peaks (I'm guessing Peak 8) so that they can study the finches. They said that a study has never been done and they want to learn more about their habits.

Debbie Tyber


On 11/13/2010 9:20 PM, Beth wrote:

Hi Rosy-finch folks!  I'm not sure if "study has never been done" means up there in Breckenridge or if it means "study has never been done" -- in which case I'm sure you'll want to let Ms. Tyber dtyber@... know all about you -- (may I say "us"?)

Thanks for handling this reply and copying me.  Cheers!  Beth (CNMAS)


From: Ken and Mary Lou Schneider
Sent: Saturday, November 13, 2010 8:15 PM
To: Beth Hurst-Waitz (CNMAS)
Subject: Re: Fw: Fw: [cobirders] Rosy Finch Study

Am forwarding to Kim Potter of the USFS in Colorado and also to Scott Rashid in Estes Park. Both are engaged in rosy-finch banding and they may know something about this. It would be great if we all exchanged information. Also copying Gil Bachmann, manager of the condo at Taos Ski Valley, who is watching for the arrival of his rosy-finches.

I suggest we use the Sandia Crest Birding/Rosy-finch Forum for the purpose of keeping all interested parties abreast of rosy-finch research and related activities. Here is a link to the forum:

You may register anonymously if desired, in order to receive copies of all new posts.


Kenneth C. and Mary Lou Schneider

Miramar, Florida 33029


The person who is conducting the “study” is named Dave November.  I’d love to get in touch with him as well.  My Rosy Finches arrived at my feeders in Breckenridge a few days ago and today I had hundreds of them, mostly brown and about 25% gray. Thanks for including me in this email as I would love to share my observations.  Not sure about what I’m observing, but they definitely have some interesting behavior.

Debbie Tyber
Breckenridge, CO