October 30, 2020: The Rosy-Finch feeders are up

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October 30, 2020: The Rosy-Finch feeders are up

Nancy Cox of the Rio Grande Bird Research team reports (OCT 30):

Once again Wild Birds Unlimited is supplying seed for the Rosy-Finches.  Steve and I placed seed in the lower feeder.  We did not see any Rosy-Finches but the feeder had been empty.

We do not know yet what our schedule will be.  Things are questionable right now due to covid.  New Mexico had 1082 new cases yesterday so we don't know what the feds and/or state will do.

We do plan on maintaining the feeder but the state is discouraging travel.

Although the first rosy-finch is sometimes reported as early as the end of October or the first week of November, flock sizes do not usually increase until around mid-November.

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