OCTOBER 28: The Rosy-Finch Feeders ARE UP!

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OCTOBER 28: The Rosy-Finch Feeders ARE UP!

Today, Rosy-Finch Feeder Coordinator Alan Mickelson has notified us that the feeders are in place.

During the past 12 years, the first arriving Rosy-Finch has been reported as early as October 27 and as late as November 13.

Your observations are important! Please record all Rosy-Finch sightings as well as those of birds and other wildlife of interest in the Crest House log book.

Visit this page SANDIA CREST ROSY-FINCH SIGHTING  AND BANDING SUMMARY DATA for links to complete logs of sightings over the past 12 seasons.

Let's hope for another successful season. The finches are coping with a shrinking habitat as the warming climate has reduced their high-altitude breeding refuges.