News: Banding Schedule and plans for Winter of 2016-17

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News: Banding Schedule and plans for Winter of 2016-17

Greetings Ken,

Attached is our Rosy-Finch banding schedule for you to publish on your website. As always, thanks for all you do to continue to promote these birds, the site, and the work that RGBR volunteers are doing at the Crest House.

FYI we will likely be installing a self-filling feeder on the deck of the Crest House for the days during the week where nobody will be present to fill feeders. It won't be visible to the public when the crest is closed but at least the birds will have a consistent food resource. Folks should still be able to see the birds as they come in to land in the tops of the trees by the deck. As you know, the best viewing in this circumstance is from just west of the crest house doors looking south on the west side of the building.

We'll update as this progresses.


Raymond L. VanBuskirk
Volunteer Rosy-Finch Researcher | Rio Grande Bird Research, Inc.
(505) 217-8514 |

Thanks, Raymond! As you mention, when Crest House is closed the area around the deck feeder may be viewed from ground level by standing at the right front (NW) corner of the Crest House, as seen when approaching from the upper parking lot level. The lower feeder, when in use, may be seen from the lower parking lot. At present there are no volunteers to fill the lower feeder during weekdays when Crest House is closed. Visitors may bring hull-less seed (or "Patio Mix") to replenish the lower feeder but please do not broadcast seed anywhere else such as on the parking lot, road or walkways. Be aware that the upper lot may not be plowed as frequently as the roadway, so be very careful in icy conditions.