NOV 11: Rosy-Finches present; Volunteer coordinator help wanted

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NOV 11: Rosy-Finches present; Volunteer coordinator help wanted

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Nancy Cox of the banding team visited Crest House on November 11. She reported that one of the volunteers saw a Black Rosy-Finch and a banded Brown-Capped Rosy-Finch.

The deck feeder has gone missing-- perhaps it was placed in safekeeping but at present no one is sure.

Nancy put seed in the feeder close to the parking lot. (It was possibly left out all winter-- not good).

The feeder project is badly in need of a coordinator who can take responsibility for the care and upkeep of the feeders as well as safe and secure storage of seed. Generally this simply entails a single mid-week visit to inspect and fill the feeders.

Once the banding operation begins (hopefully before the end of November) the banding team can stock the feeders on weekends. A reliable source of food is what keeps the flocks coming in. The feeders have been hosted by Sandia Crest House management but visitors must understand that they have no responsibility for filling or maintaining them.

ADDENDUM: Nancy Cox reported thet Wild Birds Unlimited have agreed to donate up to 4 bags of their no mess mix per month. This is wonderful news! The deck feeder was installed on November 17 and all three species have been seen.

In the meantime, visitors should plan to bring their own seed in the event that the feeders may be empty-- hull-less sunflower or "patio mix" to minimize waste and clutter on the deck and emergence of exotic seedlings.  

In the past, volunteer coordinators have come from the ranks of Central New Mexico Audubon, but anyone can step up to this essential job.  

Please continue to report sightings on eBird and on this FORUM