NOV 10: Six Black Rosy-Finches reported

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NOV 10: Six Black Rosy-Finches reported

The first eBird report of a rosy-finch sighting was on November 10 by Ed Land. It was entered in the "Sandia Crest" Hotspot list. Photos of the birds at the deck feeders are included in the report:

"First seen flying around crest house @9:55 from the crest spur trail that goes below the crest house. Saw again from the back porch of the house at the platform feeder a few minutes after 10am and again at 10:45 before being scared off by visitors walking on back deck."

These are links to cumulative lists for three birding "hotspots" at or near Crest House. Latest sightings of any species are at the top of each list:

Cibola NF -- Sandia Crest House

Cibola NF -- Sandia Crest

Cibola NF -- Sandia Crest Rd.