MAR 18: Banding report and plans for next week

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MAR 18: Banding report and plans for next week

Nancy Cox writes (MAR 18)

Definitely keep the flag flying.

We banded 3 Rosy-Finches today (2 Gray-crowned - interior and 1 Black) but also placed a new band on the 8 year and 9 mo old female Black Rosy-Finch.  It was getting hard to read her old band so it was removed.

We had two other birds that were originally banded in 2016.  One was a Gray-crowned interior and one was a Black.

We saw 8 Brown-capped that were from this season and 7 Gray-crowned interiors and 2 Hepburn's.  13 more Blacks were also seen today from this season.  The flock size was about 50 birds.

I will update my spreadsheets and send them on to you.  I will be up feeding the finches on Tuesday and Amber will probably be up on Thursday.  We do plan to band again next Sunday but that will be the end of the season for us.  The next Sunday is Easter Sunday and also the first of April.  I believe that the Forest Service doesn't want us to feed after the end of March.

BLRF female 8 years 9 months! (Sorry about the orientation! (Ken)