Log Update and some cautions from Dave Weaver

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Log Update and some cautions from Dave Weaver

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Hi Ken,

I am just back from the Crest, where it was 15 degrees (F) and sunny with a light wind.  There is about 2 feet of snow at the Crest, with more in some of the drifts.  The road is clear, except for shaded corners, until about Mile 8, after which it is snow packed but passable.  As the day is warming the packed road is becoming more slippery due to the sheen of water on top of the snow and ice.  The parking lots are plowed and snow packed but useable.

I have attached a log update.  The rosy finches seem to have increased in numbers, with flocks of about 30 and a number of solitary birds as well.

Once again this year, we do need to remind people that when the Crest House staff have closed the deck (which they are required to do when there is danger of ice or snow sliding off the roof or during high wind conditions) that means that no one, even photographers, should expect to go out onto the deck.  Also, people should not bring branches or other items to place on the feeder or the deck and should not dismount the feeder.  The Crest House staff cannot clean up after such events as they have many other duties.  Of course, cutting branches or bringing other items from the forest (which is a designated Wilderness) is illegal in any event.  Finally, we need to ask that everyone be considerate of others' desire and right to see the birds and that people not block doors or all available views with equipment and such.  If everyone cooperates the experience will be better for everyone.

I plan to go up to the Crest next week, weather permitting (more storms are expected late this weekend and during the week).  

Hope all is well for you and yours!