Latest update of sightings log, Thursday February 16

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Latest update of sightings log, Thursday February 16

Here is Dave Weaver's report. Gray-crowns are scarce, and Hepburn's are still absent.

Hi Ken,

I went up to the Crest today, where it was 30 degrees (F), overcast and calm at noon.  The Crest had over a foot of new snow on Tuesday night, but the road and the parking lots were wet and clear.  They may get more snow tonight but the storm path is uncertain.  As you will see from the attached log update, the number of finches seems stable at about 30 per event, with very few Gray- Crowned and the remainder about equal numbers of Brown-capped and Black rosy finches.

There were a number of birders at the Crest today and they all seemed satisfied with the conditions and the birds.  I plan to go up to the Crest again next week and will send a report after that visit.

Hope all is well!