Judy's Blog on Rosy-Finches at Sandia Crest

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Judy's Blog on Rosy-Finches at Sandia Crest

Read Judy Liddell's delightful blog post and photos about her visit to Sandia Crest

It’s a bird thing…

Rosy-Finches and More at Sandia Crest

February 10, 2012 by judysjottings

I awoke on the morning of the trip up to Sandia Crest, one of the featured sites in Birding Hot Spots of Central New Mexico, to discover it had snowed during the night. A light snowfall would hopefully bring in the Rosy-Finches – and make it easier to walk from the parking lot into the Crest House.

The snow plows had already cleared off the uphill lane and were heading back down as we made our way up the Sandia Crest Highway.

Over 20 Central New Mexico Audubon Thursday Birders huddled in the Crest House sipping coffee and hot chocolate...  (MORE)