JAN 20 Banding report-- all 3 RF species present

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JAN 20 Banding report-- all 3 RF species present

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Nancy Cox reported (JAN 20):

After missing banding last week, we were able to band at the Crest House today.  We saw a flock of about 70 Rosies with 9 being Brown-capped, 1 Gray-crowned, and 60 Blacks.  We were only able to catch 11 Blacks - 3 were recaptures from this season and 8 were newly banded.  That means we have banded 97 birds so far this season.  I am attaching the year by year summary.

The road has been plowed but is still icy in many spots.  The upper parking lot is not clear.  Several vehicles tried to go up into this area and got stuck.  Thankfully they were able to get out.  The lower parking lot has been plowed.

We are still trying to go up during the week to put seed in the lower feeder but can't always make it.  There is very deep snow around this feeder.  Both Michael and Steve, who is 6'4" tall, sank up to their hips.

Excerpt of report:

Species Totals 2018-2019==All seasons====%
Gray-crowned (I)====6=====405=====13.11
Gray-crowned (H)====0=====176=====5.70