JAN 17 Banding: 53 rosies captured including 5 Hepburns

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JAN 17 Banding: 53 rosies captured including 5 Hepburns

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The latest report from Nancy and Steve Cox of Rio Grande Bird Research (JAN 17):

Hi all,

We had another successful banding day.  We newly banded 21 Rosy-Finches - 4 Blacks, 4 Brown-capped, and 13 Gray-crowned (8 interior and 5 Hepburn's).  We recaptured 32 birds - 18 Blacks, 3 Brown-capped, and 11 Gray-crowned (9 interior and 2 Hepburn's).  Two of these recaptures were originally banded on December 12, 2010.

We had several Audubon Society groups up today.  One was our own (Central NM) and one from Massachusetts.  Someone from the Massachusetts saw one of the color-banded Rosy-Finches that I had seen on January 3 of this year.  It wasn't seen until after we had already closed the traps.

The road is slushy but most people had no problems.

Nancy & Steve

For full current data visit the BANDING RECORDS BY SESSION spreadsheet (XLS)
and RECAPTURE Spreadsheet (XLS)