JAN 10: Banding report

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JAN 10: Banding report

Hi all,

The Rosy-Finches kept us busy today.  We newly banded 11 Gray-crowned (10 interior and 1 Hepburn's), 5 Brown-capped and 2 Blacks.  We also recaptured 17 Gray-crowned (all interior), 6 Brown-capped, and 24 Blacks.  We did not see the color-banded birds today but we hope to see them again this season.

The road has been plowed and sanded but is snow-packed in many locations.  These areas will probably be icy in the morning.  There were lots of people out enjoying the snow so it took a long time to get through some of the bottle-necked areas.

We hope to be able to go back up on Wednesday since the forecast does not appear to include snow.

Nancy & Steve