Final Banding session was February 23

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Final Banding session was February 23

This has been the worst rosy-finch season since we have been keeping records. The drought and lack of early snow surely had something to do with the failure of flocks to arrive in usual numbers. There are surely other factors that we do not understand. What an unusual couple of years! Razorbills invaded Florida from the far north and Snowy Owls have appeared in record numbers, and now the rosy-finches have not come south.

Thanks to Alan Mickelson and to Nancy Cox and all the researchers and especially the management and staff of Sandia Crest House. There is still great birding in the Sandias and the greater Albuquerque area. Think hummingbirds and warblers! Lets hope for more Rosies next year! Ken

The Sightings Log update is available at this link.

Nancy Cox reports from the banding team:

We caught 2 Brown-capped Roy-Finches today.  They were previously banded birds - one from this winter and one from the February 2012.

We only saw a total of 7 birds today (Blacks and Brown-capped) and they were all banded.

We have decided to cancel the rest of our banding schedule.  If we hear that more rosies arrive, we may resume our schedule.

Sandhill Cranes and juncos have been heading out in large numbers.