FEB 5: Two flocks of 75 Rosy-Finches each

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FEB 5: Two flocks of 75 Rosy-Finches each

Rio Grande Bird Research Rosy-Finch Banding Project February 5, 2017, at the Sandia Crest House

We ended the day with a total of 62 Rosy-Finches banded and recapturing 34 previously banded Rosy-Finches.  The majority of the birds banded were Brown-capped (54).  We also banded 4 Blacks and 4 Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches (2 interior race and 2 Hepburnā€™s).  Most of the previously banded birds were Brown-capped Rosy-Finches (20), with 11 Blacks and 3 Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch (all interior race).

There appeared to be two flocks of 75 Rosy-Finches each.

There were only a few patches of ice on the road.  However, the Crest House parking lot is still very icy.