FEB 3 Banding Report: All three species present

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FEB 3 Banding Report: All three species present

Nancy and Steve Cox of the Rio Grand Research banding team provided this report which includes advice about parking--

Hi all,

On February 3, 2019 we newly banded 33 Rosy-Finches.  Twenty-eight were Blacks and five Brown-capped.  We recaptured seven Blacks and 3 Brown-capped including a Brown-capped female that was first banded in January 2017.  We have now banded 170 Rosy-Finches this season with 85% being Blacks.

The number of Rosies seen today was estimated to be around 135 birds.  There are about 100 Blacks, 26 Brown-capped with a few Gray-crowned mixed in.

The upper parking lot is still not plowed and many people are getting stuck.  It is advisable to park in the lower parking lot.

Nancy & Steve

Species Totals 2018-2019==All seasons====%
Gray-crowned (I)====9=====405=====13.11
Gray-crowned (H)====0=====176=====5.70

A reminder: be sure to check and also enter your sightings into eBird, as a sightings log is no longer maintained at Crest House:

Cibola NF -- Sandia Crest

Cibola NF -- Sandia Crest Rd.

Cibola NF -- Sandia Crest House