FEB 12 Banding Report-- 87 Rosy-finces captured!

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FEB 12 Banding Report-- 87 Rosy-finces captured!

Nancy Cox reports:

Rio Grande Bird Research Rosy-Finch Banding Project February 12, 2017, at the Sandia Crest House

Today was very windy and cold.  In other words, it was perfect weather for Rosy-Finches.  We newly banded a total of 30 Rosy-Finches (25 Brown-capped and 5 Blacks) and we recaptured 57 previously banded Rosy-Finches (44 Brown-capped, 9 Blacks, and 4 interior race Gray-crowned).

Four of the previously banded birds were from earlier seasons.  Two Gray-crowned (interior race) were originally banded in December 2015.  One Black was originally banded in January 2015 and one Brown-capped was banded in January 2016.

Thanks to all the volunteers who braved the wind today.  We definitely appreciated their help.

The road was clear.  However, the Crest House parking lot is still very icy.