December Rosy-Finch Banding Report

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December Rosy-Finch Banding Report

Nancy Cox reported (DEC 24) that the banding team started banding Dedember 2nd:

"....We got zero birds on the 16th.  There were plenty of birds but they were really skittish.  We won't band up there again until the 6th of January.  We hope to band on each Sunday from then until late March (depending on the Rosies of course).

The Crest House will probably be open only on Saturdays and Sundays.  We plan to band even if the Crest House isn't open.  We are trying to keep the lower feeder full by going up once during the week and making sure that the deck feeder is filled before we leave on Sundays..."


Banding Totals to date:

Species-----------2-Dec   9-Dec
Black---------------33         48
Brown-capped-------1           1
Gray-crowned (I)----5           1
Gray-crowned (H)
Totals--------------39         50

A reminder: be sure to check the eBird sightings reports, as a sightings log is no longer maintained at Crest House:

Cibola NF -- Sandia Crest

Cibola NF -- Sandia Crest Rd.

Cibola NF -- Sandia Crest House