DEC 20 Report -- 2 flocks of 30 Rosies each!

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DEC 20 Report -- 2 flocks of 30 Rosies each!

Here is Dave Weaver's latest report. Note that he plans to fill the two feeders in mid-week. We know that the banding team will fill them on weekends and they may plan to fill them again ahead of the weekend. Since there will be no banding until January I am not sure what the plans are for filling them the next few weekends. In the event that visitors wish to fill them, they MUST use HULL-LESS SUNFLOWER SEED only. There is no storage area, so please do not leave seed outside the feeders. Scattering seed violates US Forest Service regulations and use of non-hulled seed risks introduction of weeds and exotic vegetation.

Hi Ken,

I am just down from the Crest, where it was 22 degrees (F), clear and slightly breezy at 12:15pm.  The road to the top is mostly clear with icy spots in the shade, especially in the first 6 miles going up from the bottom.  The parking lots have a little packed snow cover but are safe enough.

I refilled the feeders and waited a bit.  Two separate mixed flocks of about 30 rosy finches came to the feeders within about 20 minutes.  The feeders were not empty when I arrived, so I guess the birds are accustomed to checking the feeders at intervals, as they used to do when the feeder was on the Crest House deck.

I do plan to go up to the Crest again next week, probably in mid-week, and will send a report after that visit.

Hope all is well!  And Happy Holidays to you and yours!