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DEC 13 Query

On 12/13/2012 3:56 PM, S- wrote:


I'm thinking about going to see the NM Rosy finches in February.  I read on your website that the visitor center is closed and there's an ABA scheduled for this Feb.  Is there a website with the current banding schedule?  

I can't determine if a Jan or Feb visit would be better.  The ABA event is planning for field trips of 20 people.  Do you have an opinion on that group size for this area?  It seems kind of large and makes me consider going on my own but I have limited time to determine logistics.  I appreciate any advise-

I'm seeking the finches, Crissal Thrasher & Cackling Geese & the RN Sapsucker.
Thanks, S-

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Hi, S--

I don't think that group size will matter. The ABA group will have the advantage of experienced local interpreters who also know where to find any current rare or unusual birds at the Crest or along the road to the top. I'm sure that they will arrange transportation and logistics, plus provide an interesting program in Albuquerque. We hope that by February the feeders will be well-populated.

Here is a link to the sticky post with the banding schedule that I will update as necessary.

Of course, keep tuned to the AZ/NM RBA and also Judy's blog for current sightings.