Crest House Observation Deck Closed in snow or icy conditions

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Crest House Observation Deck Closed in snow or icy conditions

Dave Weaver's note is self-explanatory. I am sure that visitor safety and proprietor liability issues are of concern. Please cooperate, and also be sure to call Crest House (AFTER 9:30 AM)  if there is question about whether it is open during or immediately following a snow event.  Their number is (505) 243-0605.  If staff are not able to report for work the phone will go unanswered, as there is no longer a resident manager.

Hi Ken,

I went up to the Crest today, where it was 20 degrees (F) with a light
wind, bright sun, and about two feet of snow on the ground.  The Sandia
Peak ski area is open so the road up to the ski area is essentially
clear and pretty busy.  The road above the ski area was thinly packed
with snow and ice from last night's little bit of snow and will be icy
once temperatures drop later in the day.  There is much more snow
expected tomorrow (Wednesday, December 29th) through Friday, perhaps as
much as 18 inches, so people who want to visit would be well advised to
call ahead to the Crest House and see if they are open and if the road
above the ski area has been plowed.

The Crest House staff have asked that we post an announcement that the
observation deck of the Crest House will be closed as long as there is
snow or ice.  They have been advised that they cannot allow people to
use the deck, for photography or any other purpose, while hazardous
conditions exist.  Those conditions include the risk of people falling
on the uncleared deck and  the problem of ice and snow sliding off the
roof.  Of course people are still most welcome to come up and see the
birds and to take photographs from the restaurant area.  To that end the
staff have said that they will work hard to keep the windows clear and
clean.  They will provision the deck feeder as usual.  And the outside
areas remain available, except for the steps down from the Crest House
to the lower parking lots.  Those steps also have been deemed hazardous
and will be cordoned off to traffic.

There were no new log entries since my last visit so I have not attached
a log update.  I will go up again next week to check on things.

Hope your Holidays have been great!