Birding Research and Nature Tours (BRANT) seeks support

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Birding Research and Nature Tours (BRANT) seeks support

Rosy-Finch Project researchers and supporters Michael Hilchey, Raymond VanBuskirk and Lee Hopwood are expanding their birding tour business and have sent us this request, which deserves your careful consideration and support:

As you may have seen, Raymond, Lee, and I are in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to support our growing business. The company (Birding Research And Nature Tours) is just over 2 years old and growing strong, but we've reached the paradoxical point in our start-up where we need to commit ourselves full time but don't have enough money to do so. We started this campaign to help us struggle through this transition.

Our goal is to turn BRANT into a model tour company that shows the world how ecotourism can not only be profitable but can also support and conserve our environment at the same time. By partnering with and supporting local nonprofit groups involved in environmental conservation, education, and research, BRANT is doing our best to ensure that wildlife all over the planet will always have a home and we'll always have places to tour. We're also working hard to make our tours as sustainable as possible by always considering our impact on the local and global environment in every choice that we make. We see this as not only a good business model but as a responsibility as citizens of the planet. It's the best, and really should be the only way to do business. Additionally, we are working to create a world class tour company providing the best tours available all the while treating our guides and other employees fairly and respectfully.

I'm writing this to you now to ask for your support. Please, take some time to read through the IndieGoGo page, watch the video, and perhaps even check out our website where you'll find our tours and information on some of our partners. If you agree with our vision and want to help, we would be forever grateful for a donation, however big or small. Be sure to check out the "perks" to see what you can get in return for your generous contribution.

Whether you are able to donate or not, we would be most humbled if you would share our story with your friends. Facebook is a great place to start, as is an email like this one, twitter, any organizations/company newsletters or social media pages you may have access to, or whatever else you think would be appropriate. There are tools to share the news directly on the IndieGoGo site that you may find helpful, and feel free to contact us for more information or to copy information from our site.

Lastly, I have created an account using the Thunderclap app to spread the word. All you have to do is click the link and select "support." If we get 100 folks to support the campaign, thunderclap will send out a mass social media post on everyone's facebook and/or twitter accounts at a pre-determined time. This creates a big social media buzz and pushes the campaign to as many people as possible. It's easy and would be a huge boost for us.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and support and please know that we would not be asking for your help if we didn't believe fully that this endeavour will help make the world a better place. If you have any comments, concerns, or questions feel free to email me at anytime. - IndieGoGo page - BRANT Website - IndieGoGo update page - Our Facebook page - Our Twitter feed - Thunderclap App

Thanks again for all your help,
Michael Hilchey & the BRANT Crew