Banding team captured 124 Rosy-Finches yesterday!

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Banding team captured 124 Rosy-Finches yesterday!

The banding team was busy indeed yesterday. Here is their report. Also heed Nancy and Steve's advice about checking ahead before venturing up to the Crest House for the next couple of days. See the drop-down menus under SANDIA CREST TRAVEL & BIRDING INFORMATION at the top of

Call Crest House (AFTER 9:30 AM)  if there is question about whether it is open during or immediately following a snow event.  Their number is (505) 243-0605.  If staff are not able to report for work the phone will go unanswered, as there is no longer a resident manager.

Hi Ken,

...The team was very busy on the 30th of January.  There was a flock of about 300 Rosy-Finches.  We newly banded 32 Rosy-Finches.  This consisted of 22 Blacks, 1 Brown-capped and 9 Gray-crowned (2 Hepburn's, 7 interior).

They also recaptured a total of 92 birds.  There were 79 Blacks, 8 Brown-capped, and 5 Gray-crowned (1 Hepburn's and 4 interior).  All but 4 of these birds were from this winter season.

There was one Brown-capped that we originally banded on 1/13/08 and one Black that was originally banded on 12/21/08.  Two Blacks were originally banded on 2/3/06.  They are both now 6 years old.

There is now snow falling on the Sandias with more possibly coming.  

Please call to check road conditions before driving up to see the Rosy-Finches.

Nancy & Steve