Banding Report: Sunday, February 26-- 58 captures

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Banding Report: Sunday, February 26-- 58 captures

Nancy Cox's report indicates that the banding team has achieved remarkable penetration-- nearly 100% of the birds have been banded.

Hi all,

We had an excellent day of banding at the Crest today.  We had 58 encounters and all but one of those were repeats.  Sixteen of these birds were from previous seasons of which 11 were ones we had not seen yet this season.  

We had a Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch (interior race) that we originally banded on 1/23/2011.  She is now in her 3rd year.  We also recaptured a Black that we originally banded on 12/3/2006.  He is now in his 7th year.  He is a gorgeous bird.  We had 2 BKs in their 3rd year, 1 BK at least 3 years old, 3 birds that were in their 5th year (2 BC and 1 BK),  one BC was at least 4 years old, one BK that was in its 6th year and one BK at least 6 years old.

The only newly banded Rosy-Finch was an adult male Brown-capped Rosy-Finch.

We never saw more than 30 birds at a time but we know that there are at least 56 birds out there (we only had 2 birds that we had twice today).

There is still a lot of snow on the ground, but melting fast.   The road was clear.